About First Exchange Bank

Mission Statement

The First Exchange Bank’s goal is to remain an independent bank within the Marion, Monongalia and Southeastern Wetzel County areas, meeting the credit needs of the community and committed to maintaining our share of the market while providing a reasonable rate of return to our shareholders. We will be the best in our market area in providing basic banking services.

Our primary goal of retaining market share and meeting the needs of the community will be met by marketing the Marion, Monongalia and Southeastern Wetzel County areas through economic development corporations, networking of directors, officers and employees as a vital part of our community.

We will look for expansion opportunities within the fringe areas through acquisition or branching.

We will provide vehicles to enhance liquidity, to ensure a steady flow of buyers and to allow for an orderly transfer of stock.

We will expand our niche as a community bank that cares about service and is willing to work with our customers and their community.

We will not discriminate in our dealings with customers and are sensitive to CRA and the Fair Lending Act.