Text Message Banking - A New Service Offered by First Exchange Bank

May 2014: First Exchange Bank is proud to announce our new service, Text Message Banking.

What is Text Message Banking? Text Message Banking is a service that enables you to retrieve information about your First Exchange Bank accounts from a mobile phone through text messages (SMS). All Internet Banking customers are eligible for this free service, but standard carrier fees for text messaging may apply.

How does Text Message Banking work? When you send a message using your short code 454545 you will receive a text message with the requested information, such as account balances, transaction information, alerts, etc.

How do I sign up for Text Message Banking? Accessing Text Message Banking is a simple process that will take only a few minutes to complete.

  1. Sign in to your First Exchange Bank Internet Banking account, from the Additional Services tab click the “Mobile Banking & Alerts” link.
  2. Register the mobile phone number that you want to use for Text Message Banking. An activation code will soon be texted to your mobile device.
  3. Input your activation code.
  4. Customize your Text Message Banking experience by setting alerts for primary account balances that fall below a minimum amount, as well as payments and deposits that exceed a minimum amount. You can also set up your accounts to enable transfers from a source account to your primary account.
  5. Once you are registered, you can text the commands below to 454545 for information regarding your First Exchange Bank accounts.

Commands Available for Text Message Banking:

  • BAL – to receive the current and available balances for your primary account.
  • BAL ALL – to receive all of your active account balances.
  • LAST – to receive information regarding the last five transactions for your primary account.
  • BAL CHK – to receive all of your active checking account balances.
  • BAL SAV – to receive all of your active savings account balances.
  • TRANS (amount) – to transfer an amount from your designated source account to your primary account. Example: TRANS 200 will transfer $200.00 from your designated source account to your primary account.
  • HELP – to receive available commands and descriptions regarding Text Message Banking.
  • STOP – to deactivate your Text Message Banking service.


If you need additional information contact our Deposit Services Group at 304-986-1700 or email us at DepositOperations@FirstExchangeBank.com.