• First Exchange Bank EMV Debit Card

    Introducing...The First Exchange Bank Debit Card with Chip Technology.

    With it’s new EMV chip, the new First Exchange Bank debit card is more secure than ever. With it’s new design, the card will make a statement like never before.

    About the Card:

    Receive an enhanced level of security. The chip in the card generates a one-time code that is virtually impossible to counterfeit each time you use it at a chip-activated terminal.

    Check out with ease. Follow these simple steps to pay at a chip-activated terminal:

    1. Insert the chip end into the terminal.

    2. Keep the card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen.

    3. Remove your card when prompted and leave knowing your transaction was secure.

    Enjoy global acceptance. More merchants are accepting chip transactions every day. Whether the chip technology is used or the card is swiped, payments can be made wherever VISA debit cards are accepted.

    Click HERE for more information about the EMV technology.