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9 Holiday Budgeting Tips to Avoid Overspending This Year

Santa Claus style piggy bank with a mini shopping cart filled with gifts

With all the excitement of the holiday season, it’s tempting to overspend on fun activities and gifts for all your friends and family. According to consumer spending reports, 70% of Americans admit to spending more than their planned holiday budget. As you prepare for the holidays in West Virginia this year, here are a few […]

Financial Planning Just Got Easier

Common financial wisdom holds that everyone should have an emergency savings fund with at least a few months of expenses to live off of in case you lose your job or have a health emergency. But what happens when the emergency hits and you need to take money out of savings? In April 2020, partly […]

How To Do A Yearly Financial Checkup

When was the last time you reviewed your finances? While it’s important to conduct a financial checkup whenever your life situation changes, it’s also good to get into the routine of reviewing your finances once a year. As you take stock of the past year and your progress toward personal goals, a financial checkup is […]

How To Pay Off Debt Faster

Debt is sneaky. If you’re not paying cash for everyday purchases, it’s easy to lose track of how much you are spending. Before you know it, your credit card bill is in the thousands. Add a medical emergency or car repair to the equation and suddenly your financial situation feels out of control. If you […]

How To Create A Budget

How do you feel about budgeting? Some people seem to be born with a budget in hand, while others struggle to create and stick to a budget. Whether it comes naturally or not, it’s worth the effort to try different methods until you find one that works for you. Developing a budgeting habit can help […]

Helping Your College Student With Their Finances

West Virginia has become a destination for higher education. In fact, we rank fourth in the US for number of colleges per person, with nearly 8% of our residents being students. It’s no wonder with Morgantown’s own world-renowned institute, West Virginia University, home to almost 30,000 students alone. As a parent or guardian of a current or soon-to-be […]

9 Financial Resolutions To Make This Year

There is nothing like a new year to bring a sense of fresh starts and wide-open possibility. As you think about the new year’s resolutions you want to make, don’t forget to include financial resolutions as well. A new year is also a good time to improve your finances, so keep reading for a list […]

Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids Financial Responsibility

How often do you talk to your kids about money? April is financial literacy month, a month dedicated to promoting financial education and increasing smart money habits. At First Exchange Bank we believe that the earlier you start teaching your kids how to manage money, the more financially secure they will become as adults. You […]

7 Ways Your Credit Score Affects Your Financial Health

Your credit score may be something you rarely think about. The truth is your credit score may be affecting your life in more ways than you realize. At First Exchange Bank, we care about the financial health of the communities we serve. We’re here to show you seven ways that your credit score could be […]


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